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About Irving Farm Coffee Roasters


We were founded in Manhattan in 1996 with a little cafe space near Union Square, still known simply as 71 Irving Place. Irving Farm’s founders soon realized that to deliver a truly craft-focused, hands-on approach to their love of coffee, we’d simply have to roast it, too.

We love New York — the country as well as the city — and so in 1999 we transformed a farm in the Hudson Valley into a roasting facility. The country roastery and the city cafe meet in our name: Irving Farm. Set at the foot of the Catskills and the Berkshires, our base in the historic Coleman Station district near the town of Millerton is the same region whose lush dairy farms were once the main supplier of milk to New York City in the 1800s.

Nowadays, Irving Farm supplies our carefully selected, handcrafted coffees to four beautiful cafes in that same metropolis, as well as our coffee house in Millerton, keeping the focus on sustainability and building direct relationships with the coffee farmers who grow the beautiful coffees that both the country and the city love so much.


In sourcing the special coffees we bring to Irving Farm, our primary criteria is quality. We are diligent searchers: on a constant journey, personally traveling to the farthest-flung locales, in search of coffees that are not only beautiful in the cup, but with whose farms we can forge a lasting tie. By building direct relationships and opening long-term channels of communication with producers and others up and down the line, we not only ensure a supply chain that is as transparent as possible, but one that is as strong as possible. Built on mutual respect, common goals, and dedicated to fostering learning from one to another, it is these foundations on which good coffee becomes great coffee.


Our Director of Roasting, Clyde Miller (a.k.a. “Roastmaster Clyde”) has been at the helm of our American-built Diedrich coffee roasters since 2004. His dedication to the craft of roasting shines through every batch, with a meticulous level of attention to each coffee we source in order to bring out what is truly special within.

Beyond the technical innovations we constantly pursue across all fronts, roasting remains a craft of patience, understanding, and finesse. Any one coffee may be roasted in a number of different ways, but it’s through this intimate understanding of a coffee’s potential, and roasting’s dynamic capabilities, that we can truly express to the drinker what we find most beautiful within each coffee we have selected. Whether it’s bringing out a floral sweetness or a rich earthy loam, being attuned to what each coffee “speaks” is the artful job of the roaster.


From what you’ll find in our warm cafes to what we hope you’ll reproduce at home, our philosophy of brewing finds its heart in care. We take great care with each cup we serve, brewing in small batches on state-of-the-art equipment, or for the truly discerning, in hand-brewed cups brewed one at a time on our Kalita brewers from Japan. Whether it’s a pourover, a carefully crafted cappuccino or a refreshing Japanese-style cold brew over ice, we work closely with each coffee to showcase its best expression, and strive to deliver it to you with not just precision, but passion. For those who aren’t able to visit our shops personally, we offer a variety of exquisite brewing equipment to create a beautiful cup in the home–or anywhere.

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