Ayutepeque – 165 Years of Great Coffee January 31 2015

Topeca Coffee Ayutepeque Farm
The entrance to the Ayutepeque farm, established 1850.

Recently we were fortunate enough to welcome another great roaster, Topeca Coffee. They have been on Coffee Reviews list of top coffees for the past two years and ranked in the top six of all the coffees last year. Topeca owns their own coffee farm in El Salvador and is personally involved in aspect. Below is their story…..

Our Philosophy

Topeca is one of the few companies in the world with fully vertically integrated Seed to Cup model. Our family grows the coffee in El Salvador where we can oversee every step of the process. We have our hands in every step of process from planting the coffee plant to hand picking the ripest cherries to roasting it here in Tulsa, Oklahoma and serving it in our own shops in Downtown Tulsa.

From Planting the Seed

We believe that the best coffee is created by maintaining high quality standards every step of the way.  That is why we spend four years taking care of each new “cafeto” (coffee tree) until it grows into a mature plant ready to be harvested. Each year the cafeto blooms cover the landscape with white flowers and an aroma of sweet honeysuckle and jasmine. With good soil, great weather, and a lot of hard work each of those flowers will turn into a succulent coffee cherry containing 2 perfect coffee beans.

To Hand Picking the Coffee Cherries

The harvest begins in November, when the coffee cherries have a deep red wine color. We go around the finca (farm) as many times as necessary, allowing every single cherry to ripen; this meticulous hand-picking process finishes in March.

From Ecological Processing

After harvesting the cherries we proceed to the wet processing, where the pulp and the mucilage (fruit) are carefully removed from the coffee beans so as not to damage them. As a part of our ecological process, we use collected rainwater to wash the beans, and then use the removed fruit to help fertilize our cafetos.

To Patio Drying

Once the mucilage has been washed from the coffee seeds, they are ready to dry. The method in which you dry the beans has dramatic effect on cup quality. We utilize various methods of drying including, patio (sun dried), raised bed (sun dried), and mechanical drying to achieve optimum results for each lot.

From the Perfect Roast

Our roast master carefully roasts the coffee to bring out the full flavor and complex aromas found in the bean; this ensures you will enjoy the true essence found in the coffee rather than merely the degree of roast.

To the Edge of Your Cup

At the coffee shop, the barista carefully grinds and brews the coffee so as not to undo the years of hard work and perfection found in each bean. Now you have the opportunity to enjoy the complex sweetness, delicate aroma, and characteristic  smoothness of our El Salvadoran coffee. From our home to yours, we hope you enjoy every sip.

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Topeca Coffee is now available at 6360008.com