Coda Coffee – Tanzania Peaberry October 09 2015

coda coffee tanzania peaberry

Coda Coffee – Tanzania Peaberry

Notes: earthy. cucumber. tangy.
The peaberry is a unique coffee bean. It is actually a pair of beans mutated into one. Because there are two beans forming one, the coffee contains twice the nutrients and oils as normal beans, and twice the flavor as well. Tanzanian Peaberry has an earthy aroma with a bold and nature-like taste. It has heavy body, but goes down surprisingly smooth. This unique coffee is a nice change for both expert and beginner coffee drinkers alike.

Coda Coffee is dedicated to promoting sustainability in every sense of the word; having an ongoing commitment to both the environment and the quality of life experienced by individuals in the coffee industry. Coda’s own Farm2Cup certification ensures that you can feel good about the coffee you drink. By initiating best practice sharing and quality control, investing in the farming communities and bring a better quality of life for farmers, we are able to bring you the highest quality coffee possible: it tastes good, it feels good.

We are extremely proud to share that we were named Roast Magazine’s Macro Roaster of the Year for 2014.

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*Photo courtesy of Coda Coffee