Irving Farm Coffee – Ethiopia Amaro Gayo September 18 2015

Irving Farm CoffeeEthiopia Amaro Gayo

In the southwestern part of Ethiopia lie the Amaro Mountains, a small range which separates the communities of Amaro on the eastern slopes from Nechisar National Park and the lowland tribal areas of Arba Minch in the west.

A native of the Amaro region has become one of the most inspiring figures in Ethiopian coffee today: her name is Asnakech. She’s earned this title because in 2005 she decided to return to her homeland determined to improve the quality of coffee at her mill and in the surrounding communities.

One of the many improvements and changes Asnakech has made over the years is to implement a rigorous quality control system. First, she makes sure to only pick and purchase cherries at the height of their maturity. The coffee is then processed using the natural process, allowing the coffee seed to dry inside of the fruit. The coffee is sun-dried on raised beds. This drying process is closely monitored to ensure that no quality is lost. The coffee is then sorted to remove any defects. The result of all this attention to detail is a superior coffee.

Asnakech is also the only female mill operator in Ethiopia and we are proud to support her efforts at producing truly spectacular coffees by presenting to you her Amaro Gayo, a cup full of lush berry flavor, complex acidity and juicy body.

This coffee is certified USDA Organic, meaning its production did not involve the use of synthetic substances such as most pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.

COUNTRY Ethiopia
REGION Amaro Mountains
PRODUCER Asnakech Thomas
ALTITUDE 1400-1800 meters
TASTING NOTES Floral, Strawberry, Sweet

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