Kickapoo Coffee – Ethiopia Hama Organic Special Prep November 14 2014


Kickapoo Coffee – Ethiopia Hama Special Prep

This coffee scored a 91 from Coffee Review!

Intensely floral and lush with notes of candied lemon and key lime pie. One of our top coffees of the year.

Notes of Lime, Spring Flowers & Candied Lemon

Altitude: 1800-2300 Meters
Varietals: Kudhume, Dega, Wolisho, Heirloom types
Process: Wet Ferment, Wash, Soak, African Raised Bed Drying
Region: Kochere, Gedeo

About The Growers
When we first visited the Hama Cooperative back in 2011, we were greeted by three adorable Ethiopian children. We’d tasted coffees from Hama previously and found them to present ‘classic’ Yirgacheffe characteristics: candied lemon, intense florality, and refreshing, citric acidity.

Three years later, Hama and other cooperatives within the Yirgacheffe Union umbrella are operating with a marked increase in sophistication. Most of the washed coffees that the Union puts out are grade 2, meaning that there are a good amount of defects. As of late, however, the Union has asked some of the larger producers to bring in strictly ripe cherry from the peak of the harvest to be kept separate from the standard lots.

We’ve tasted several of the special prep lots from washing stations all over Yirgacheffe including Biloya, Adamegorbota, Aramo, and Idido and have noticed a marked increase in quality by several points across the board.

This Hama lot is our absolute favorite of what we tasted from this year’s harvest and perhaps our favorite coffee that we will release all year. The intense florality, sparkly crispness, and candied lemon characteristics remind us of top Gesha lots, but for a fraction of the cost.

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*Photo courtesy of Kickapoo Coffee.