Kickapoo Coffee – Project Congo April 06 2015

Kickapoo CoffeeProject Congo

About The Growers
Project Congo marks our second philanthropic collaboration with our friends at On The Ground. In our Project Congo initiative, we will donate $1 for every pound of this exceptional Congolese coffee to promote and raise awareness of gender equality in the farming regions of the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Funds raised will work to break the chains of poverty and conflict while supporting women empowerment groups in coffee communities of the region. Women play a crucial agricultural role in Africa, providing the majority of the labor, but their contributions are often invisible since women are excluded from delivering and selling the crop. These realities are exacerbated by sexual gender-based violence in Kivu used as a tool to destabilize communities.

Despite the challenges, female coffee producers in Eastern DRC have the perseverance to move forward. Project Congo will provide transformative opportunities to these farmers by introducing practical initiatives supporting women’s empowerment at both farm and cooperative levels. Funds will be used to empower and educate female farmers to become entrepreneurs, taking control of their lives, and creating a brighter future for coffee communities affected by the civil war in Eastern DRC.

We’re honored to be working once again with On The Ground to make positive impacts in coffee producing countries.

Muungano Cooperative

Notes of Black Currant, Cola & Sweet Citrus

Altitude: 1500-2000 Meters
Varietals: Bourbon
Process: Wet Ferment, Soak, 14 Day Raised Bed Drying
Region: Kalihi, Southern Kivu

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Photo courtesy of Kickapoo Coffee.